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Below are answers to common questions. Please get in contact us if they don't answer your question.

Where do I get the Church app for my phone / tablet?

You can download the Church Suite app from:

I can’t see the make password box on my phone

Solution: Please try tilting your phone to show the option. On some devices, the keyboard can hide it.

How do I create an account on Church Suite?

This is by invitation only. Please check your email from Craig which will contain and invite link. If you didn't receive this, please contact us and we can arrange to get it re-sent out.

Where do I log in to view my rotas?

You can login at our Church Suite Members Area login here. From here, you will be able to update your profile; view your rota; and lots of other things.

I have a problem with the website or app - who do I contact?

The best option is to contact us and we will then pass the message on to the appropriate person to look into. You can use the contact form here, or email office@billingshurstfamily.church

We use the same email address on ChurchSuite, how do we log in to each account?

Churchsuite has the facility for people to share the same email account and have separate users. When you initially set up your accounts on the same email address, you must set a different password for each account since this is the defining factor at login to separate out which account is being logged into.

Can I use iCals / synchronised calendards for my rota?

Yup! There is a full support article about this here: View Help Article

Got another question? Please contact us to ask!

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