Our Team

Craig Gale

Lead Elder

Craig is the Lead Elder at BFC. He has been a part of church life since 2011, an Elder since 2017 and became Lead Elder in 2018. Craig grew up locally and is raising two boys and a dog with his wife Karen. In his role, Craig is responsible for the leadership and vision of the church. Craig is also a musician and part of the worship team. He enjoys hiking, making guitars from scratch and drinking coffee.

Neil Gatland


Neil has been an Elder since 2009. He and his wife Sue (pictured below) were part of the original church plant in 2001. Their passion for BFC and the wider community has not waned since. They have two adult children. Neil also works part-time as an IT consultant. He loves Crystal Palace, reading, cooking and visiting his family in Asia.Neil is responsible for preaching and teaching.



Russel is the newest addition to the eldership team (2021). He and his wife, Marike, and their two boys joined the church in 2018 having moved to the UK from Dubai. They have travelled all over and finally found their home in BFC. Russel has recently started his own business in the care industry. He loves rollercoasters and a good chat. Russel is responsible for our children and youth teams.

Wisia Newsom


If you have a question, just ask Wisia. Not only is she responsible for the day to day administrative running of BFC, but she is also involved with several community projects. With a brilliant knack for keeping all those plates spinning whilst raising a family with her husband Darrell, we are very blessed to have Wisia.

Sue Gatland

Treasurer and Lead Safeguarding Officer

Sue is married to Neil (pictured above). She is responsible for BFC finances and budgets and has been a pivotal part of the BFC team since the beginning. She keeps us up to date, organised and is also our Lead Safeguarding Officer. If you have a problem, Sue will sort it!

Rachel Brown

Chair of Trustees and Deputy Safeguarding Officer

Rachel is our Chair of Trustees. She has been involved in BFC in some capacity for many years and is a natural leader. Rachel is also our Deputy Safeguarding Officer. We are so fortunate to have such an insightful and dedicated Chair and Officer.

Our History

Who we are

BFC is a part of the Commission family of churches.

Commission is an international family of churches united by a shared passion for Jesus and His mission, and a clear vision to see thousands of lives transformed through hundreds of churches in tens of nations.

We achieve this by seeking to build and plant local churches that are subject to God’s word and responsive to His Spirit.

  • Churches where grace is not only preached but is experienced and demonstrated.
  • Churches where the gifts of the Spirit are fully expressed and where relationships are genuine and deep.
  • Churches that serve their local communities but are also engaged in God’s global mission.

Commission is led by Guy Miller with teams of leaders and is enthusiastically part of the wider Newfrontiers family of churches. Check out the Commission website here

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