Data Protection Policy

Billingshurst Family Church DATA PROTECTION POLICY

1.0 Introduction:

1.1 The Data Protection Act 1998 covers information about individuals which is held on a computer or in a manual filing system, or which is recorded with the intention that it will be used as part of such systems. The Act applies to people or organisations that use or hold such information. This Act becomes enforceable by the General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018.

1.2 The Act is based on the right of a living individual (the Data Subject) to know what information is being held about them, and how the information will be used. The Act set out principles to ensure that personal data is:

  • Processed fairly and lawfully
  • Obtained only for specific purposes
  • Relevant to the purpose for which it is processed
  • Accurate and kept up to date
  • Not kept longer than is necessary
  • Processed according to the rights of the Data Subject under the Act
  • Protected against unauthorised processing, accidental loss or damage

1.3 Billingshurst Family Church hold personal information on Trustees, Volunteers, Staff and Service Users.

1.4 Billingshurst Family Church is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as part of its obligations under the Act. Craig Gale has been appointed BFC Data Controller.

1.5 Billingshurst Family Church seeks to comply with both the letter and the spirit of the Act.

2.0 Scope of the Policy

2.1 Personal records will be kept at Billingshurst Family Church in accordance with its procedures.

2.2 Billingshurst Family Church Trustees, Staff and Volunteers will only have access during the course of their duties. No other Staff or Volunteers will have access to this information.

2.3 When Trustees, Staff and Volunteers leave Billingshurst Family Church, all personal documents will be kept in accordance with our procedures. No information will be kept longer than is necessary.

2.4 Trustees, Staff and Volunteers have the right to see the information held on them by Billingshurst Family Church. Requests should be made in writing to Craig Gale, the Data Controller, and Billingshurst Family Church will provide a copy of the information within two weeks of receiving the request. No charge will be made.

2.5 Information about individuals will not be disclosed to any third party outside Billingshurst Family Church, excepting legal and statutory requirements.

2.6 Where photographs of Trustees, Staff, Volunteers and Service Users are used to publicise or promote Billingshurst Family Church, permission will be sought from individuals and the photograph will be used for a specific length of time.

2.7 Billingshurst Family Church takes Data Protection seriously. We are committed to ensure that this policy is put into practice and that appropriate working practices are adhered to.

3.0 Approval and Adoption

Policy adopted: April 2018

BFC Data Controller: Craig Gale

Date of next review: April 2019

Page Last Updated 05/05/2018 - CD

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