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Craig’s blog March 2019

At Westpoint a couple of years ago, there was a prophetic word brought about pushing the half open doors to find out if they are in fact open to us. This word has played on my mind ever since. Since I was appointed Lead Elder, I have been seeking those half open doors to push against. To seek God through doing so, so that we might be bold in stepping out and trying things but also to discern what He is saying to us and act accordingly.

In September last year, there were several partially open doors available for us to push against to see how open they were to us. One of these was the opportunity to take out a lease on the old Lloyds Bank premises in the High Street. We were caught in quite a tight window, having viewed the property as Elders (and Sue) we went away and talked/prayed about what the next steps could be. From that twenty minute viewing, and after some consideration we requested the keys so that the leadership team could view it as well. 

Each step we were taking was another push against the door. The leadership team came out and viewed the building, as well as the trustees. The next step was to invite our whole church out to come and look and pray around this building, this opportunity, this part open door. So many of you came out and looked around the building and came up with ideas for what it could be like inside and out. This was a key moment for BFC in 2018, it signalled a coming together of people, thoughts and dreams for one cause. A moment for which I am incredibly grateful, primarily because it has changed the way that we all relate to one-another, for the better!

After this, I received multiple offers of gifts and increased regular giving from many of you in support of the project. Those offers too were a great blessing to me because it showed that when we want to, we can really get behind something. I also received offers of time and volunteers to run outreach events and so on, again a great personal blessing to see the willingness that folk have.
After this though, things went quiet. Not from any of you but in the sense of taking the next steps. There weren’t any more steps so it seemed. I sat on this for a time and didn’t communicate very much about it because there wasn’t much to say. Over my Christmas break, I spent time considering Lloyds, why I hadn’t heard from God or felt a call to take another step and in praying, I didn’t get a sense of this definitely being what we should be doing. I am all up for stepping out in faith (which I believe we have done in pushing the door) but that kind of faith comes from a knowing call of God on our situation, that being something that we (Neil and I) haven’t known in praying about this opportunity. There were no steps to follow because at this point the door wasn’t opening any further at this moment in time.

I am sure many of you will be disappointed having read so far, whilst at the same time I know that many of you will be relieved! For me, the importance of this juncture is clear. We must ask ourselves ‘what does this mean?’ In answer to this question, I believe the following to be true:

- We were obedient in pushing against the half open door and exploring the opportunity.
- We came together as a family to investigate how we could all be involved.

The door has not closed on this project or any future project. The offered one off gifts or upped giving have not been asked to come to fruit either. This project is just going on the shelf for a little while until God calls us to take it back down and investigate further. My request of you is this: Pray. Pray for Neil and I that we might know and obediently lead in following God in His call on us individually and as a church. Pray for BFC, that we might all know as a family God’s handiwork in our midst. Pray that we might all be filled with faith and the presence of God’s Spirit so that we are ready to step through when God opens the next door to us.

With love


Craig Gale, 05/03/2019

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