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Christmas 2017 Site Banner

Shepherds and Wise Men

We see children with tea towels and paper crowns representing them, we sing carols with verses that mention them, we see figures in a nativity scene framing the baby Jesus – but do we ever stop to consider their significance in the story?  Are they just bystanders of the story or could they be part of the message itself? 
We believe they are in the story for a reason, so this Christmas we have made them the theme of our Advent Sundays and our Carol Services. 
In our Advent Sundays, we are looking at how they were used to highlight Jesus as our humble Saviour (in contrast to the proud ‘saviour’ Augustus) and as our humble King (in contrast to the proud ‘king’ Herod).  In our Carol services, they will represent the inclusive message of Christmas that invites both the high and the low, the educated and the illiterate, the honoured and the forgotten; to come and see the God-child.  In seeing the shepherds and the wise men, we view the extremes of society and we are taught that no-one is too far from God and no-one is too bad or too good for God. 
Through them, we will also see that the invitation is available to all, but it will always require a journey.  For the shepherds, it was a walk down from the hills and a search through the town, and for the wise men it was a long hard journey through the desert to Bethlehem.  For us, it might be a journey to a church service even in the busiest time of the year, it might be an awkward walk to a neighbour’s door to offer that invitation.  For all, it is a journey of faith to believe that He was and is the Saviour, and it is a journey of humility as we admit to God, ourselves and others that we still need a Saviour. 
So let the invitation of God and their response of faith and humility speak to you this Christmas.  If you are new to church, make the journey to see this child in His true light.  If you are regular to church, let your neighbours see your faith and humility and let them hear the invitation of God through you...that same message of peace, joy and hope heard by and then shared by these shepherds and wise man. 

Everyone is welcome to join us for our Christmas services:

Saturday 16th December 4-5pm
Sunday 17th December 10-11am
Christmas Day 10-11am

Billingshurst Centre?, Roman Way, RH14 9QW
Activities for children & refreshments provided.

Please don't forget, there is no meeting on Sunday 24th December. Please instead come and join us on Christmas Day form 10-11am.


Christmas 2017 Part 1 - A Tale Of Two Saviours:

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 Christmas 2017 Part 2 - A Tale Of Two Kings:

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Christmas 2017 - Carols #1:

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Christmas 2017 - Carols #2:

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Thank you for tuning in, we hope to see you there next year!

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Ignite (friday)
7:30pm Friday 28 June,
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11:00am Saturday 29 June,
Sunday 30 June, Lower Station Road area